... OKG history begins with the story of two young people, Ing. Jiří Krčál and Aneta Oulehlová.

In the early 90s, as entrepreneurial “beginners” they started to learn and get the right information from sales, marketing and leadership. Their journey was not easy at all. They started out penniless in great uncertainty, with no family support, in a city where they knew no one... Due to lack of experience they made a lot of mistakes, which cost a lot of time and money. But the desire to succeed, perseverance and dedication gave them the strength to go on.

In late 90s, they worked up to personal and financial freedom. And just at that time, Jirka and Aneta began to realize that their hard journey was not at all accidental. It was showing others that a better life is not a matter of favorable circumstances, a better country, a better government, lower taxes, higher salaries, age, nationality or social status, but a question of the inner attitudes of a person. Attitude can be changed! And thus an entire life as well!

They have learned and utilized the principles of success. Principles that create a revolution in everyone's life, and that everybody who longs for a better life, independence, financial security, better prospects for the future and certainty for retirement can learn to apply.

On this basis they founded OKG in 2001. The company, which gives people the chance for a new life! And not only that! Everything is done through a synergy of products beneficial to human health, vitality and beauty, through a marketing program that's revolutionary in its area, and through people who love OKG products and are excited about the independent lifestyle.

The future of the coming years is more than promising. OKG aims to become a European and world leader in the field of the positive education of people. Bringing the best OKG products to every household in the Czech Republic, Europe and around the world.



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